We all struggle
with something

Anxiety. Emotional Eating. Smoking.
Shopping. Self-judgement. Anger.
Bad habits.
Whatever your struggle, change is possible.

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About Dr. Jud

Hi, I’m Dr. Jud Brewer
and we’re here to help

I created DrJud.com based on 20 years at Yale, MIT and Brown University researching how our brains form negative behavior patterns, bad habits and addictions, and the specific techniques needed to create lasting change. Let us show you how you can overcome the conditions and “everyday addictions” that are holding you back.

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What’s your biggest struggle?

I’ll send you a behavior change guide based on my TED Talk, access to my latest research and a 10 minute guided audio exercise I use with my patients to help develop awareness and kick start new habits.

TED Talks, Articles & Research

Learn how behavior patterns and habits form, and how to change your brain from the

App-based Behavior Change Programs

Step-by-step guidance and support to help you make lasting change… without willpower.

App mobile

Learn your “habit change” personality type to get the most out of the DrJud programs.

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