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Addicted to your phone? What to know about how tech companies are outsmarting you, and how mindfulness can help.

The meteoric rise of companies such as Facebook is a combination of serendipity and skill. If you find that you are distracted by social media at the dinner table (or too busy checking email to sit down to eat with your family), this short seminar will teach you why this is the case, and will give you a few tips that you can put into play in your everyday life. (20:11)

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4 thoughts on “Health Care Provider Course – Module 7”

  1. This series leaves me wanting to use this information for my own empathy burnout as well as the treatment of my clients in my intensive outpatient program for co-occurring disorders. I think as I deepen my own practice, turning all this knowledge into wisdom, I will naturally come through for the benefit of all.

  2. What a fantastic series! Thank you so much! How about an app for clinicians? As Chris Wilkerson above suggested alcohol & drugs can be overused by clinicians – although mine is over eating. (However I know where to go for that!) After the Christchurch Massacre I stopped using FB because of their reluctance to remove this shooter’s live stream video. I found I missed it VERY MUCH & observed with curiosity & compassion what it had been doing for/to me. Once again thanks so much it all makes so much sense!

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