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Mindfulness: hot or not? The current evidence underlying its mechanisms and efficacy.

Interest in mindfulness has grown significantly over the past decade, with the hype outpacing basic our basic knowledge of what it is, how and for what conditions it works. This seminar will help you understand of what mindfulness is (and isn’t), the mechanisms underlying how it works in behavior change and in the brain, and what evidence is solid for its use in primary care clinics. (23:57)

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5 thoughts on “Health Care Provider Course – Module 2”

  1. The big takeaway for me here is how developing that curious awareness, or becoming the observer of the thoughts helps to decouple the craving sensation from the trigger behaviour. Changing WITH the thoughts, rather than changing the thoughts – which becomes an internal battle. For my work it’s essential to remove that component of judgement around thoughts and behaviour, which only serves to reinforce the behaviour. I’m fascinated by the work and research around the DMN and indeed this is how I discovered the work of Dr Jud.

  2. I love the idea of changing our relationship to thoughts and emotions. Knowing that we can’t stop our mind from thinking and dealing with our thoughts in a non judgmental way, helps to reduces guilt, shame and all the negative effects that come with always being caught up in thinking. I also liked the idea of being an Allie with the people we serve with empathy and compassion, knowing that we our self have been down that road. Thank you Dr. Jud

  3. Learning the true meaning of what mindfulness is has been the big take away for me. For some reason, I’ve always thought that it was about being in the present moment; focusing on what’s right in front of you , i.e. one’s breath, as a way to detach from the continuous thinking. I especially like the concept of curious and nonjudgmental awareness.

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