Events & Trainings


National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence

Date: May 22, 2019

Location: Rochester, NY

“The Craving Mind” Weekend Workshop

Start date: May 31, 2019

End date: June 2, 2019

Mind-Body Medicine 7-Day Training

Start date: June 2, 2019

End date: June 11, 2019

Location: Reinbeck, NY (Omega)

Ernst Strüngmann Forum

Start date: June 14, 2019

End date: June 19, 2019

Location: Frankfurt

Talk at French Parliament

Start date: June 20, 2019

End date: June 21, 2019

Location: Paris

Past Events

Resilience Training for Healthcare Professionals

Date: May 10, 2019

Location: Portland, ME

MIT BrainMind Summit

Start date: May 4, 2019

End date: May 5, 2019

Location: Cambridge, MA

Integrative Mental Health Conference

Start date: April 15, 2019

End date: April 17, 2019

Location: San Francisco

Mindfulness and the Science of Habit Change (Weekend Benefit Retreat)

Start date: April 13, 2019

End date: April 15, 2019

FORTUNE Brainstorm Health 2019

Start date: April 2, 2019

End date: April 3, 2019

Location: San Diego


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